2019 2nd International Conference on Green Energy and Sustainable Development!

Green Energy:
Renewable Energy
Clean Energy
Green energy
Clean Coal Technology
Limitations of green energy generation
Next generation energy management systems
Sustainable coal use and clean coal technologies
Natural gas research and development
Regulatory policies and program for implementation and control
Green Energy in Transport
Biofuels in developing economies
Green Buildings and Infrastructures
Integration of renewable energy sources in buildings
Greening Urbanization and Urban Settlements
Low carbon city scenarios, plans and actions
Green Policies and Programmes
Bioenergy supply management strategies
Mainstreaming low-carbon innovations
Income generation with green energy
Green energy and energy access
Green energy and social benefits
Increasing energy access with clean resources
Rural Development through Green Energy
Green Energy Education and Training
Green Manufacturing, Zero Waste to Landfill and Recycle Technology

Sustainable Development:
Environmental sustainability
Wastewater and sludge treatment
Air pollution and control
Solid waste management
Environmental and Applied Science
Agricultural and Food Science
Materials Science and Materials Technology
Climate Change
Air pollution control and equipment
Bio fuels
Ecosystem Restoration
Ecosystems Management
Sustainable materials for buildings
Energy and Environment Energy Policy, Planning & Management

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